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The 12/12/12 Conundrum

December 11, 2012

As everyone* is so upset at tomorrow being the last repetitive date 12/12/12  (or 12/12/12 using the US/Canadian middle-endian date format) I propose that to stop all the sobbing and renting of garments we shall henceforth start up a New Calendar.

So, Thursday will now be the First of Weavuary in the Year of our Weave 1 A.W.

I’ll let you all know the new names of the months as and when I can be bothered.

Xmas will now be on the 18th of Weavuary, so put that in your new diary.

This of course also means that tomorrow (12/12/12) will now be New New Years Eve. Hope everyone is happy with that. Just let your boss know that you won’t be coming in on New New Years Day due to your NNYE celebrations but be sensible, you don’t want to be hanging too much on 1/1/1!

Accepting this super new Weavorian** Calendar will also mean you can gormlessly stare at your watches and work time sheets several times in the coming decade. 2/2/2 next year and a mega 1/2/3 the year after. Order the new calendars from me directly and I’ll send them out whilst stocks last***.

If you can read this sentence then this might have been nicked from (or you have good eyesight)

 *not everyone
**this is not in any way an ego driven project
***until I run out of crayons

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