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How Similar to Osama bin Laden Are You?

August 12, 2012

It is totally topical.

Exactly 102 days after the first anniversary of some events in North-East Pakistan we bring you this thing below.

To find out what you’re like, please answer the following questions with either a YES or alternatively, if you so prefer, a NO. Keep track of your score and at the end of this spectacularly scientific psychological QUIZ we’ll be able to see exactly how similar you are to the dead* idiot Osama bin Laden.

*(or is he?)

((yes he is))

Okay, are you ready?

Let’s quizzing!

  1. Are you against one-person suicide attacks?
  2. Are you, however of the opinion that instead at least two persons should be sent to undertake these attacks?
  3. Do you reject the “immoral” act of fornication?
  4. Do you reject the “immoral” act of homosexuality?
  5. Do you reject the “immoral” act of intoxicants?
  6. Do you reject the “immoral” act of gambling?
  7. Do you reject the “immoral” act of usury?
  8. Do you oppose pan-Arabism?
  9. Do you oppose socialism?
  10. Do you oppose communism?
  11. Do you oppose democracy?
  12. Do you believe that civilians may be deliberately killed in your struggle?
  13. Do you hate America?
  14. Do you hate Jews?
  15. Do you hate Christians?
  16. Do you oppose music?
  17. Do you have a love of horse racing?
  18. Do you think America has destroyed nature with its industrial waste and gases more than any other nation in history?
  19. And that despite this, they refused to sign the Kyoto agreement so that they could secure the profit of their greedy companies and industries?
  20. Are you interested in earth-moving machinery?
  21. Are you interested in the genetic engineering of plants?
  22. Do you believe in the conspiracy theory that says John F. Kennedy was killed by the “owners of the major corporations who were benefiting from the Vietnam War‘s continuation”?

Okay! So how did you do?

Zero Yes’ses

You are nothing like Osama bin Laden! Great news if you’ve just bought a three storey property in Abottabad and don’t like helicopters falling on your stuff.

One Yes!

You are probably a mechanical earth digger thingy driver (who is ok with solo suicide bombers) and not too much like Ossie at all really… but still a bit more than you were expecting, hmmm? Makes you think doesn’t it?**

Two yesses’

You’re a generally non-violent, gay Jockey!

Three yessis

You’re an environmentalist who’s ok with sciencey tings.

Four to Twelve yes’s

You’re a Republican.

Thirteen to Twenty-one yess

Some kind of conspiracy theorist?

Twenty-two palpable yes’s

Oh. You’re not dead after all…

If you can read this bit then this crap has been stolen from or the background colour has changed

** No, not really.

Source: wiki


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