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FTL Communication, PM Machine or Massive WE?

November 17, 2011

Take a cog or gear wheel.
Connect it to another.
Then one more.

It doesn’t matter what diameter the cogs are but small is okay, I guess.

Then connect some more.
Carry on until you’ve reached the next star or maybe a travel lodge a million or so kilometers away.

Now turn the cog at the starting point.

Does the furthest cog turn instantaneously?
If so, Faster Than Light communication is pretty easy.

Does it take time for the last cog to turn?
If so, carry on adding cogs until they connect back at the beginning and you will have yourself a giant circular Perpetual Motion Machine.

Or perhaps, more possibly, you have an immense White Elephant, as it would take a phenomenally impossible amount of energy to turn the first cog in the series…

I dunno.If you can read this then it’s possible that someone has thiefed it from

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