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October 19, 2011

I say that I am lucky

Well, I say ‘I’.

The conscious collection of atoms that

I lovingly refer to as ‘me’; ‘I’

Is lucky.

The conscious collection of atoms that

‘I’ refer to as ‘I’

Was born-stroke-formed in an area of land

That previous conscious collections of atoms had previously providently populated.

These former conscious collections of carbon had successfully raped, plundered, stole from (and helped)

Other collections of conscious collections of carbon  and other…. atoms

Who sometimes survived and died.

The conscious collections of atoms called ‘I’

Possesses a privilege felt through the ages allowing access to places and stages that other conscious collections of atoms

Have not had the fortuitousness supplied.

Still other conscious collections of atoms

Get cornered, culled and culinarified.

Collecting cornered, culinary cuts is a special pastime of mine.

Certain  collections of carbon are considered culturally coooool.

These fellows are pets and are felt in our hearts to have

Truly lived and died.

So we come back to those fellow collections,

They live across the road and sea.

These abhorent redactions so-so different and fractious

Filling our lives with their ten toes and two eyes

And useful thumbs.

They’ll treat our ideals

With screeches and knives

Unless we do it to them


So yeah I’m lucky and so are you

To be the product of death and not the screwed.

Don’t feel betrayed,

don’t be too dismayed

by the knowledge that you

yourself: you, I, me..,


have survived through the ages

the smallest occasions

the grandest of stages

through evil mistakes

that made us the greatest;

despite the outrageous

most disgusting displays of

hate and contempt

born of nothing more

grand than

“You’re not from my… area… of… land”.

When ‘my land’ is nothing more

than how far I can see

From horseback

then Crows Nest

From crenel and merlon

now satellite.

No further than you can imagine.

I say that I am lucky

and I am.


If you can read this it’s possible that someone has thiefed it from

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