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Radiohead – The King of Limbs (ANOtherQuickReview)

February 18, 2011


Bloom – Like listening to Guerrilla era Super Furry Animals down a dark alley with someone hitting you on the back of the head with a tightly rolled up newspaper.

MorningMisterMagpie – Paranoid and Superstitious and Angry and Beautiful.

LittleByLittle – Like watching a film of a child playing on a bouncy castle but if the film was directed by Chris Morris.

Feral – You are now being run over by a subway train made out of Drums and Bass Guitars. After 3 minutes you have always heard a choir in a distant carriage.

LotusFlower – If PJ Harvey was made out of an inside-out algorithmrhythm that made your frontal cortex cry with the simultaneous meaninglessness and beauty of desire.

Codex – If you weren’t afraid of deep water this would always be there when you slept.

GiveUpTheGhost – The Choir.

Separator – It. Is. All. Going. To. Be. All. Right. . . (?)

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