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New Year’s Eve Countdown

December 12, 2010

First, if you have time, please watch this short video with the ‘Chuck Norris of Science’ Carl Sagan.

Today is December 12th 2010 if we are to imagine this year as being Sagan’s Cosmic Calendar we are but three days away from seeing the Cambrian Explosion. Perhaps you might like to celebrate the arrival on Earth of early arthropods by preparing yourself a nice Shrimp Ceviche? Or if you’re pressed for time nip out and buy a packet of delicious Prawn Cocktail flavour Skips.

You can devise your own ways of celebrating the first fish and plants on December 19th and 20th respectively but this year I might avoid the feast marked out for the 22nd. Perhaps I’ll be more adventurous next year.

Will Jurassic Park be on the telly on Christmas Eve? Will you go visit your friend’s new kitten on Boxing Day, finish off the Turkey the following day?

Sagan says the last ten seconds of the cosmic year represent “the written record of human history”. So, as you drunkenly stagger around the dance floor in the last ten seconds of the last day of the last month of this year perhaps these thoughts will cross your mind:

10: Sumerians give us some of the earliest forms of writing.

9: The worldwide Flood reduces the world’s population to eight people.

8: Early towns and cities created in the worlds warm fertile river valleys like Babylon in Iraq’s Tigris/Euphrates region, Jericho on the Jordan, and also by the Nile, Indus and Yellow rivers.

7: Rubber balls used in Mesoamerican games.

6: Iron tools become right popular.

5: Roman Republic founded.

4: Aztecs domesticate Turkeys.

3: The murder of Hypatia marks the beginning of the end of Classical Antiquity.

2: The oldest continually operating University in the world opens in Bologna.

1: Shakespeare wrote some stories.

ZERO! Try not to vom on the floor.

(n.b. the above timeline is approximate)

((It may also include one slight error))

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