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Joe Hart vs Usain Bolt: Fastest goalkeeper in history?

October 18, 2010

So, this video is going mental on youtube at the mo (1.7m views).

Great save and he looks as fast as you like, so how does he match up against Usain Bolt?

Joe starts running at 0:32 from the 22 yard mark and makes the save at 0:43 a yard or two from the goal line.

Man City’s pitch is 116 yards long.

He has run about 94 yards in 11(ish) seconds.
94 yards is 85.95 metres.

So he’s actually running at a very decent average speed of 26 km/h, if he kept that up for 100m he’d finish in about 12.76 secs.

Usain Bolt’s 100m WR is clocked at an insane 38 km/h (9.58 secs).
But then he wasn’t wearing shin pads.



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  1. Samarth Ladia permalink

    when was this match played?

  2. Brick permalink

    thanks! i was wondering the same :)
    I think if he runs as sprinter then his timing might be 11 secs

  3. random name permalink

    When I first saw it I About screamed I was like no way. I told my friend who showed me it, thought it was fake.

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