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The Unbearable Lightness of Bees

March 27, 2010

They buzz through the air
Without a care in their nodes.
Except for the feeling they get in their toes
That their wings are too small
Too small to lift up; their bodies so hairy and podgy and soft.
For they know not of things such as vortices
that enable the absence of air to aloft.

So don’t get upset if they fly near your head.
Dont flap and shout and squeal and flounce.
It just agitates their befuddled state.
Muddled, confused and bemused as they are.
Just take a step back; and whistle a song. You know,
The one that you like, that sounds so bright
Then take delight as the bees take flight and
Dance right back to their noisy hive
To buzz about physics and aerodynamics,
Complex mathematics and such all night.

A bee, yesterday.

From → Bad Poetry, Science

  1. What a delightful poem :)

  2. Ta very much!

  3. I’ve read worse… :)

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